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Painting of NC State Capitol for the Downtown Raleigh Alliance

After the rain - NC State Capitol. 16x20. Watercolor on paper. Artist - Tesh Parekh

Last week, I was invited by Downtown Raleigh Alliance (DRA) to paint at their annual meeting. The meeting with art theme was held at the Raleigh Convention Center. I painted 16×20 watercolor of the NC State Capitol. I decided on this view since it seems to be painted less than the other views. I had […]

Drybrush Watercolor Painting by Raleigh NC Fine Artist

Driftwood. 21x29. Drybrush watercolor on paper. Artist - Tesh Parekh

One of my largest drybrush paintings. I saw this driftwood on the Hilton Head beach earlier this year. Ideal subject for drybrush painting. I started this painting before Christmas and then got real sick so had to wait almost a week before I could finish it. I used limited palette of just 4-5 colors on […]

Watercolor paintings of Wake Forest – by Raleigh NC Fine Artist

Bend in the road. 14x21. Watercolor on paper. Artist - Tesh Parekh
18 Dec 2012 / in Landscape, Painting, Watercolor

I live close to Wake Forest where I have had couple of art shows. The Cotton Company will be hosting another one in January, 2013. Earlier, I had posted recent paintings of Joyner Park in Wake Forest. I also love Seminary. Here are two paintings from area around the Seminary. I have always wanted to […]

Raleigh Downtown at Christmas – A watercolor painting by NC Fine Artist

Raleigh Downtown at Christmas. 14x21. Watercolor and Gouache on paper.

This is the view of Raleigh Downtown from NC State Capitol. Painted on a tinted paper with both watercolor and gouache. Gouache was used for creating lights and accents in the painting. This is one of my several paintings of Raleigh downtown. I often paint there en plein air. I did a sketch yesterday evening […]

Secret Creek Autumn – A gouache panting by Raleigh NC fine artist

Secret Creek Autumn. Gouache on paper. 21x14. Artist - Tesh Parekh
06 Dec 2012 / in Gouache, Landscape, Painting

This painting was inspired by Thomas Moran! Thomas Moran is one of my favorite artists. I am amazed by his watercolor and gouache paintings. His oil landscapes are simply beautiful! One of his oil landscape is in the collection of NC Museum of Art. Sadly, NC Museum of Art does not have a single watercolor […]

Joyner Park, Wake Forest – A watercolor painting by Raleigh NC Fine Artist

Evening at Joyner Park. Watercolor. Artist - Tesh Parekh
04 Dec 2012 / in Cityscape, Landscape, Painting, Watercolor

I was at Joyner Park in Wake Forest couple of days and saw this beautiful evening light. I love this park with open grounds, old structures and pecan trees. I did not have my painting supplies, so, I returned next evening. Originally, I wanted to do a quick gouache painting, since I was using tinted […]

Submerged – A watercolor painting by Raleigh NC Fine Artist

02 Dec 2012 / in Painting, Still life, Watercolor

I am fascinated by trees and leaves! Fortunately for me, Durant Nature Park has plenty of both! I love painting there and also making studio paintings of things I observe there. There are layers of leaves in this painting. I painted four or five leaves and let watercolors paint the rest! Most of the fall colors […]

Raleigh Downtown on a Rainy Day – A watercolor painting by NC fine artist

29 Nov 2012 / in Cityscape, Landscape, Painting, Watercolor

Rain. Autumn. Raleigh downtown. State Capitol. What is not to like?! This was not an easy painting! I had to really work at it to make it all fluid! One thing I have learned about watercolors is that each painting requires a different plan of attack! What worked yesterday may not work today. Different humidity. […]

Painting Commission of Home by Raleigh Fine Artist

A client recently commissioned me to paint this portrait of her childhood home. This will be a gift to her mother. I worked from the photos. When painting buildings, my goal is to make a painting and not architectural rendering. I want to capture the likeness and character of the place but do not want […]

Mumbai watercolor by Raleigh fine artist

21 Nov 2012 / in Cityscape, Landscape, Painting, Watercolor

Apollo Bunder, Mumbai on a hazy and hot later Sumer day. I saw this view on my recent trip to India. The islet is Middle Ground Coastal Battery. One of my many Mumbai paintings. I am working on some more paintings of South Mumbai. I love the old Victorian and English architecture of many of the […]